Why Many Companies Failed To Deliver SEO Results Even With Long Term Contracts.

Most of the time when we get a new prospect SEO client they have a bad experience with their previous SEO Company. Their bad experience make them to learn some basic about Search Engine Optimization and on first call with customer they have 100s of questions for us that they never did with their previous company. Many website owners also lost their hope of getting results with SEO and this happened with E-commerce website most.

Working as SEO Company in Dehradun from last 7 years. We have found few mistakes that Customer and SEO Companies do when they start working on new website. This article can answer all of your questions why your SEO Company failed to deliver SEO results even with long term contracts.

Customer’s mistakes:

1. Regular changing in Idea or having no clear vision

- Many time customers want to start work with half-done website and they don’t take digital marketing experts advices carefully. Website owner must have a clear vision for the website and the limitation. The work of SEO someone starts today will be results in 4-6 months. If you change keywords and customers demography regularly it will not help you gain results on time.

2. Delaying in Payments:

SEO is long a term game looking for results in a couple of months and stopping payment is a complete lose. It just decrease the interest of service providers and they may restrict them to provide your monthly SEO reports and regular work. Making payment on time realize service provider a long term business relationship and money also keep motivated and give the sense of responsibility for project success.

3. Proper communication:

It’s the responsibility of both to keep in touch with and sharing their latest information regarding business. Website owner must inform all the new things that they are doing with the business their plan and media release. It helps SEO service provider to write content for blog and update pages content.

4. Hiding core business knowledge:

You always choose a respected SEO company or individual who run their business ethically. You can read review on Google or other trusted platforms to figure out how a company running their business. So that you can share your confidential information with your SEO providers. It’s true, mostly customers don’t want to share their core business idea and way they are doing business because leaking such confidential information to their competitors may harm their business. But clients required to provide all major and in-depth knowledge of business to SEO provider because such information can help them to create a good SEO strategies. Client can ask for a NDA before giving any confidential information. Also don’t share what is not required always ask for what reason they need particular information. You can also provide the information from your side which you look can help in the SEO.

SEO Service providers Mistakes:-

1. Not doing proper research

: Research is the most important task which required a good amount of time. Understanding of the business and its competitors is must for all SEO service providers and clients need to help to giving in-depth knowledge of their business which sometime clients hide for many reason. SEO providers must know about the all online & offline sales channels and type of services with delivering methods. A SEO research required to have latest tools and technologies to figure out the future of the website. So, doing a good SEO research helps to create a good SEO strategy.

Many SEO consultants not bother to do such research and starts SEO work but in the middle of project they found many important information which make their past work a complete waste.

2. No proper strategy for targeted audience:

Many SEO consultant start working on few keywords and build links here and there to fill their SEO reports sheets. Also by analyzing many companies seo reports based in Dehradun we have found the reports are completely generics they have only one strategy for all of their customers. Defining a unique strategy & targeted audience is one of major task need to be done before starting a SEO project

This A-Z of pre SEO strategies guarantee a successful digital marketing campaig

  1. Targeted Keywords
  2. Target Audience
  3. Content update, internal liking & website structure list
  4. Competitors list
  5. Competitors counter strategy
  6. Blog post strategy
  7. Meta title, Description, Schema etc.
  8. Link building strategy
  9. Social media strategy
  10. Brand awareness strategy
  11. influencer marketing
  12. Laying out website pages, proper structuring list
  13. Main & targeted services pages
  14. Fixing Current development issues
  15. Competitors advantages and disadvantages
  16. Pre SEO reports (DA,DR,PA, Backlinks etc.)
  17. Trust building strategy (google, facebook, trustpilot reviews & testimonials)
  18. Info graphics theme and videos strategy
  19. Customer engagement strategy
  20. Developing a ecosystem strategy for communication and relationship with website owner
  21. Creating reports sheets & target sheets
  22. Visitors to lead conversion & data collection for remarketing and other marketing tools.
  23. Paid marketing strategy & budget (Google Ads, Facebook Ads )
  24. Google my business, Google map & other local Directories profiling for branding
  25. Referral programs strategy

3. Unprofessional company & Individuals:

Many companies hire the fresher’s for SEO & Data entry work because of low payouts. Many unexperienced employees become SEO managers in many big companies without required knowledge of digital marketing. Such companies work with many customers without showing any desired results. They might rank some easy keywords in local SERP but these ranking never get customer a good ROI.


If you are looking for a good digital marketing company in Dehradun try to check their track records, past customers and reviews. Many companies don’t disclose their strategy before signup for the SEO Project. Never go for a cheap one they might be unprofessional and don’t understand the business always calculate your SEO results through the number of sales and leads. Balance your marketing investment for different online and offline channels just don’t stick with SEO.